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For more than 35 years, Nelson’s has been a family-owned company providing corporate catering and fundraising services throughout Indiana and Michigan.  Now, Nelson’s is starting to expand its operations, taking its experience—and excellence—across the United States.

Nelson's is really in the business of creating value. Value for you, your guests, and your entire organization. Whether you host a catering event or fundraiser, you can smile and relax, knowing that with Nelson's there are no hassles, no worries.

You may think it unique for a catering company to say its goal is to create value.  And so do we.  But then, we think Nelson's is a unique organization—let us show you why...and how. Nelson's desires to build a relationship with your organization and to be a partner you can rely on.

So call the Nelson's nearest you or contact us through this site.  You'll enjoy our professionalism—and the delicious taste of our diptisserie products.