"Everyone has raved about the tenderness of the pork..."   (more)
- Julie A. Cole, Associate Services, Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc.
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The Port-A-PitŪ Diptisserie Cooking System is an exclusive property of Nelson's. Nelson Gongwer himself conceived, developed, and patented the unit in the 1960s, and the Port-A-Pit has been an essential part of Nelson's ever since. In fact, Nelson's even used "Port-A-Pit" as its company name for a time in its history.

The Port-A-Pit gives Nelson's competitve advantages...and these advantages are passed along to Nelson's customers. The first advantage is product quality. The Port-A-Pit system rotates meat products over an open flame and systematically dips them in Nelson's steaming secret sauce. This process not only results in Nelson's products having a distinct, delectable flavor but also ensures that Nelson's products are cooked with consistency, with each individual meat serving as delicious as the next.

The other advantage the Port-A-Pit gives Nelson's is the ability to cook high volumes of products in a short time. For instance, using the Port-A-Pit Model 22, Nelson's can grill up to 220 halves of chicken in one hour. This means that Nelson's only requires three Model 22's (and three operators) to cook for parties up to 7500 people. A typical caterer may use up to 30 grills and grillers for this size event.

The third advantage is on-site cooking. That's right, the Port-A-Pit is mobile and able to come right to your location. This is especially beneficial for fundraisers, as the Port-A-Pit attracts the public to your event by its unique design and by sending a mouthwatering aroma into the air for blocks around.

The Port-A-Pit is constructed out of stainless steel and was the first outdoor cooker approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.  Nelson's manufacturers the units at its Indiana location.