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A few quotes taken from letters of recommendation sent to Nelson's from some of its customers:

“I guarantee you will not regret contracting Nelson’s services” – Lou Holtz, former Univ. of Notre Dame and current Univ. of South Carolina Head Football Coach

“It is people like you who know how to add those very special touches to brighten one’s day.” – Donald R. Keough, former COO, The Coca-Cola Company

“I appreciated how easy it has been to work with you and how professional your entire staff was throughout the day.” – Dianne Joyner, HR Specialist, Boehringer Mannheim Corporation

“We serve 25,000 chicken dinners in 2½ days. Nelson’s efficiency and the taste of the chicken has a lot to do with our fundraiser’s volume.” – Ted Detrick, Vice Chairman, Versailles (Ohio) Poultry Days

“Everyone has raved about the tenderness of the pork chops and how the chicken “just fell off the bones.” – Julie A. Cole, Associate Services, Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc.

 “The serving of over 7000 people with 16 food lines provided walk-up service without anyone having to wait in line. Way to go!” – Linda Lutke, Event Coordinator, Herman Miller, Inc.

“Every year we raise from $10,000-12,000 dollars. The Nelson’s fundraiser is absolutely vital to the continuance of our organization.” – Bob McElwee, Irish Youth Hockey League

“Nelson’s is often assigned our most difficult events—as we are assured that they will be handled in their usual professional manner.” – Michael Raycraft, Director of Marketing, Univ. of Illinois

“We made a lot of money on the fundraiser. The food is excellent!” – Donita Moody, Jayco Professional Women’s Organization

 “It was an exceptionally good meal because of the method and equipment you used to cook the chicken. Everyone should try it before making any menu decisions!” – Brenda Koehler, Vice President, The Greater Springfield (Ill.) Chamber of Commerce